The Legend of Koolura- a YA fantasy novel by Michael Thal

The Legend of Koolura will be promoted free on Amazon on February 18, 2013. Currently, it is available free to Prime Members.

The Legend of Koolura is an adventure that couples psychic powers with the everyday life of middle school students. Koolura Akopyan is a sixth grade girl uncovering the complexities of school kid friendships, the adjustments needed to manage in today's multicultural classrooms, and the importance of good values.

Koolura is a student at Bethune Elementary School. She experiences the same kinds of problems like the other students. She suffers through poor treatment by snooty girls, comforts a friend whose mother is going through cancer tests, and supports another whose parents are divorcing. She tutors students who can't read or do math. She worries about grades, tests and homework. Every young reader can identify with Koolura and her friends.

Koolura is also different from other students at Bethune because she has the "Cool." It gives her psychic powers. Sadly, it has also forced her to lead the life of a nomad. A treacherous stalker seeks to destroy her and steal the "Cool" for himself. Koolura's fearful father has moved her from place to place in an effort to keep her safe.

Koolura's use of her "Cool" to help her fellow students through their difficulties and her effort to keep one step ahead of Neb, her stalker, is what makes this an exciting experience for young readers.

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