When Angels Fall A Benedetti Renaissance Mystery - mystery,crime,thriller,historical fiction by Hillary Corby

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When Angels Fall A Benedetti Renaissance Mystery - Historical Fiction

This story is not a regurgitation of history but a careful blend of fact and fiction that offers a unique twist on murder in 15th century Florence.  An unknown evil has wrapped its feathery arms of death around the women, from maid to noble woman.  The first death, a woman of high birth and with the loftiest of connections is found murdered in the river Arno, an event that threatens to revisit the blood-drenched streets of the year before after the death of Giuliano Medici.  Curl up with Emiliano and lose yourself as you travel back in timeThe characters, the sights and sounds will come alive as you race through the passageways of love, treachery, betrayal and deceit and peek into a dark world that exists in the shadows of the glittering rebirth. 

"A straightforward and high-concept story with strong thriller and suspense elements; as a mystery, it delivers what it promises."

I live in Italy with my two rescued dogs and was inspired to write the first in a series when I lived in Florence.  Between juggling  other writing commitments, I am working on the second in the series, Broken Faith.

Another whoddunnit is on the way!  My short story, Murder in the Morning will be published as part of a special edition ebook by Laurence O'Bryan's Jerusalem Puzzle (Harper Collins) later this year. 

The book is available here:

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