Head Over Wheels spicy young romance, steamy contemporary romance, by January Valentine

Wickedly Hot!

January Valentine's newest novel is something to be savored; however, doing so might be impossible, because the story picks the reader up and sweeps the reader along on a wave of non-stop action, passion, mystery and suspense. All you can do is hang on and enjoy the ride.

This novel, which contains graphic sexual language and scenes, is for mature readers only. January Valentine has indeed mastered the art of writing such passionate scenes erotically yet tastefully. The sexual scenes are wickedly hot, without being raunchy. She knows how to tease and titillate her reader, so that the reader is not simply reading about the characters' passion, but experiencing it along with them.

The heroine, Jewelia, is a beautiful, spunky, determined and sensitive girl who is an aspiring NYPD officer and wise beyond her years. The man in her life, Jimmy (Indigo), is a handsome physician in training who harbors a deep family secret from his past, which, as Jewelia discovers, is the key to unlocking his heart. When Jewelia thinks she's been betrayed, the author uses that as a tool to heighten the passion that is yet to come, and to bring her and Indigo even closer. And when Indigo is forced to choose between his desire for Jewelia and his family obligations, what threatens to tear them apart is the impetus for bringing them closer together. Every time something threatens their relationship, their bond becomes stronger, and we learn, as Jewelia does, what it truly means to be in love with someone and commit your life to him. And when Indigo allows himself to unburden his secret to Jewelia, he understands the meaning of trust and how it can become an unbreakable bond. This is an incredibly romantic love story and a coming-of-age story all rolled into one.

January Valentine is an exceptionally talented writer who has a superb ear for phrases and vivid descriptions. Her characters are well-developed and tangible, allowing the reader to invest in and form immediate connections with them. This is a page-turner which will not disappoint you, and only make you hungry for more.

Review by J. Lapin-Zell

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