Captured by Moonlight---A Christian Historical Fiction by Christine Lindsay

Captured by Moonlight is the kind of book I love to read---lots of action, adventure, suspense, mystery, history, danger, broken hearts, strong spiritual thread, and of course a great big love story fraught with obstacles. I don't categorize my novels as straight Christian Historical Romances though, because I have too much else in them.

Captured by Moonlight is just such a book. It is Book 2 of my series Twilight of the British Raj. The multi-award-winning Shadowed in Silk is Book 1. So Book 2, Captured by Moonlight, takes up where Shadowed in Silk left off. Two of the female characters in Book 1 were so vivid; they absolutely demanded that I tell their stories. The first woman is British, Nurse Laine Harkness of the Queen Alexandra Military Nursing Corp. The second woman is Indian, a former child Hindu widow, by the name of Eshana.

Both women are captured---Eshana is literally captured and imprisoned by her very traditional Hindu uncle, and Laine by her feelings for her former fiancé who sent her a Dear Jane letter while she was serving in France during WW1. As Laine goes out to start a new nursing position in the thick jungle, to her shock she discovers her former fiancé, Adam, is running a plantation. But he still can't give her a straight answer as to why he broke off their engagement. Secrets abound, but she can't shake off her feelings for him, especially when he rescues a tiger cub.

Things get rougher for both Eshana and Laine as a cholera epidemic hits the area hard, and then a cyclone, as if troubles weren't bad enough with Eshana's relatives mistreating her, the local people uprising in support of Gandhi's non cooperation movement, and Laine trying to unearth the mystery behind Adam's plantation.

I hope you enjoy this journey to the tropical south of India for this exotic Christian Historical novel with two big love stories. My work is greatly influenced by the great MM Kaye who wrote the blockbuster novel Far Pavilions.