Four Widows - a mystery/suspense novel by Helen MacArthur

Four widows. Dead husbands. Unfinished business.

When did deception and disappearance suddenly become so fashionable?

When Lori Walker discovers her husband's death wasn't an accident, her darkest fears come true: the man she married was her greatest love and her biggest mistake.

Lori is thrown a lifeline when she forms a tight friendship with other widows who share their own stories highlighted with humor, heartache and mysteries. Questions are raised, answers are challenged and trust falls to pieces.

Emotional drama with suspense and intrigue, Four Widows explores the intricacies of love—its greatness and its acute complications.


Four Widows… not to be confused with:


Me (at my laptop): Four Widows.

Amazon: Did you mean Four Windows?

Me: No, Four Widows.

Amazon: Really?

Me: Really, really.