Counterfeit Cure - a medical thriller by M. Roman Slavin


Inspired by recent headlines, Counterfeit Cure is a timely tale of crime, immorality and drug supply vulnerabilities that will have you asking, "how safe are my medications?"

Something's wrong with America's prescription drug supply. Thousands have been sickened, hundreds are dead and as the public panic spreads, FDA investigators scramble to find who's behind the sickening of America.

Shutting down guys whose greed kills ailing people like her beloved husband, is why pharmacist Kat Vasquez joined the FDA. But with few resources, she and her team try to inspect a huge network of manufacturers and distributors under mounting pressure from her boss, the public, and the Senate oversight committee. The longer it takes to find answers, the more Kat is haunted by the images of the sick and dying.

Meanwhile, Colton Barnes shirks his demons by conjuring up memories of his street dealer days when the moldy, musky smell of used money got him high and junkies begging for a score got him hard. This son of a popular former NFL coach combines his two loves as the owner of one of the biggest wholesale drug distributorships on the East Coast where he's diluting the drug supply with enough counterfeits to boost profits without being detected, and amusing himself by distributing excess profits to international terrorists.

From the very first chapter, you're inside both Kat's investigation and Colton's operation and as their paths begin to converge you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat.