Cool Things to Draw - Drawing visual reference for young artists by Jacob Lett

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I don't get it. Isn't this just a book full of pictures?
It has been proven the best way to learn how to draw is by drawing from visual reference. Ideally an artist would draw from a still life or a live model but as you know these change over time. The benefit of drawing from photographs is that the lighting doesn't shift and a person can hold the same pose or expression without getting tired. Also photographs allow you to draw things you would never be able to see in a real environment.

Many drawing books teach children how to draw through a series of steps. The problem I see with these books is they focus on the steps to make the author's drawing and not the original subject being drawn. So you are left with a copy of their drawing without being able to compare it to what they had originally referenced.

Cool Things to Draw™ contains over one hundred ideas you can take wherever you and your sketchbook go. The ideas contained in this book will challenge your drawing skills as you practice perspective, value, depth, composition, and photo realism.

Sound fun? Then go grab your sketchbook and flip through the pages to find something to draw.