Time for Your Life - a self-help book by Sheila Williams

Time for Your Life - A self-help book for those who would like more
time to do the things they really want to do by Sheila Williams


In early 2011, I had come to a crossroads in my life. My partner and I
had split up; I was living in a house and in a place where I had never
wanted to be and running a business that left me little time for
anything else. I felt like a hamster running eternally on its wheel.

The death of my mother later that year provided the impetus to do
something to change things. I thought about what was really important
to me and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I didn't want
to find myself five years down the road, doing the same old things and
regretting lost opportunities.

As a qualified Business and Life Coach I knew that many of my clients
expressed the same frustrations and shared the same problems as I. So
I took the process I used to sort out my own life and help my clients
with theirs and turned it into an outline for a book. The book became
Time for Your Life, now published on Amazon for Kindle Readers.

Life can be pretty complicated these days and in spending time
juggling priorities and doing those things we must do, it is often
difficult to create the time to lift our heads up, smell the roses and
do things that we want to do. Our lives get out of balance and we end
up chasing our own tails.

In Time for Your Life I offer a wealth of tips and techniques for
saving time and improving the way we organise ourselves. I don't
pretend that it is easy because it is likely to mean changing
behaviours and past habits. That is never a simple task, but it is

I hope that Time for Your Life will encourage people to take a long
look at their lives and make the changes necessary to live the way
they want.