Indie & Small Press Book Marketing - A How-To Marketing book by William Hertling

Indie & Small Press Book Marketing is a how-to book for getting your novel ready for publication and marketing. I'll explain the techniques that I and other authors have used to increase credibility, get legitimate reviews, find interested readers, and build our audience. 

I'll be running a Kindle free promotion for Indie & Small Press Book Marketing from Wednesday 3/20/2013 through Saturday 3/23/2013.

Some of the included topics: techniques for testing your title and cover designs, a schedule of activities for your book launch month, how to run a targeted advertising campaign using Facebook, goals for your launch and following on months, and the key factors that improve the credibility of your book and your author homepage. 

Experienced authors with sales of more than 250,000 books have read Indie & Small Press Book Marketing, and learned something new, and first-time authors have also read it and found it accessible and useful.