Ordo Lupus and the Temple gate - Historical Fantasy Thriller by Lazlo Ferran


The daughter of a former WWII MI6 agent is abducted in Lyon by a long-forgotten biblical monster. Suspected of murder by the police and his divorcing wife, the hero, anonymous but with supernatural powers of foresight, goes on the run to clear his name. With only one friend - a historian and member of the modern Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, he heads towards Paris, where a seductress - servant of the mysterious Concilium Putus Visum, pretends to help him find a secret weapon, once hidden by the last Cathars in Montségur Castle. With this weapon he can fight the biblical creature. But why do the Concilium Putus Visum - notorious assassins, and the monster, seem to be protecting him? He must solve an almost impossibly complex set of clues to find the monster before it disappears once more into the mists of biblical mythology.


A gritty and intense thriller, complete with car chases, roof-top chases, warring Catholic factions, Knights Templars, Cathars, murder secret codes and cryptic historical clues, it reaches its thrilling climax, complete with a twist, in a bastion of French Gothic architecture, where a final battle to the death, or spiritual salvation, awaits.