Keep Going! - short story for kids by Mayra A. Diaz

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Keep Going! Is a Guide that will help your kids to see obstacles in a different way.  I had the idea of writing this eBook because my kids (3 sons) start to given up to quickly, in their mind they believed that if they try something new for the first time, they should do it perfectly.

So I started to talk to them about how real persons had accomplished extraordinary things but also telling them all the difficulties and obstacles that these real persons had to overcome to success.  For my own surprise I found a lot of details I personally ignore and were very interesting.

One day I started to write and almost a year after the original idea, the story I told my kids became an eBook.  Now they know that at first some stuff will be very difficult, they start to see obstacles in a different way.  Last week we were walking to school, I hear my second son said to himself 'I can do it' we were going up a hill and he was pulling his bag.

When my kids are having difficulties at something, I use this book as a reference 'How many times Michael Jordan missed a shots?'  They give me the answered (that is on the eBook). 'Ahh, and he was the best basketball player in the world' then they start thinking and there is were all the magic begins.

They start realizing that at times we all fail but what is most important is to Keep Going!