The Kingdom--a novel of religious bigotry & homosexuality by Tom Hardin

Using Leviticus 18:22 as his mantra, Reverend Matthew Winslow mounts a city-wide campaign to halt a Gay Pride celebration.  The self-serving, self-righteous minister lunges at the opportunity to publicize his 8000 member Holy Bible Fellowship congregation, curry favor with the Christian Coalition for Biblical Authority in America and earn the approval of his deceased father and God.

Eighteen-year-old Nathaniel Winslow epitomizes the perfect son—valedictorian at Holy Bible Academy, athlete, winner of the coveted Bible Scholar Competition,  and most importantly heir to his father's ministerial throne.  He fervently prays to be deeply attracted to his girlfriend Martha Davies instead of Jason Daniels about whom he has sinful, unnatural.

Miriam Winslow has but one marital vow—obey her husband.  Her intuition tells her that Nathaniel is grappling with a problem, but her desire to reach out to her son is trumped by obedience to Matthew.

Sarah Elizabeth Winslow, Mathew's daughter, also senses that her older brother is troubled. She accepted long ago that she will always be both a B student and a B offspring in her father's eyes.

The Kingdom is the painful story of how the revelation of a secret unlocks the door to the meaning of authentic love and forgiveness—of oneself and others.

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Some excerpts from Amazon Customer Reviews:

Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars

"Powerfully moving and unforgettable…"

"Powerful journey of self-discovery…"

"Save your gay child!"

"An emotional roller coaster…"

"A story of struggle and transformation…"

"Addresses sensitive subjects with compassion and excellent literary style…"

"A moving story…"

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