Legacy - romance by Shirley Hailstock


How do you get a traumatized hero who's turned his back on life to rejoin the human race?  Offer him money, lots and lots of money.  Add a beautiful woman, a long-legged, tantalizing, intelligent woman.  Add a contingency that transfers everything to the worse enemy of the hero if he doesn't comply.  And package it all with a 30-day ribbon.  Then sit back and see what happens.  Michael Lawrence has been hiding out on a mountain in Maryland for two years.  But his life changes when he discovers he had a very powerful grandfather who just died and left him a fortune, but only under certain conditions.
Erika St. James grew up without knowing that the man who left her an international conglomerate had a grandson and it's only with that grandson that she can maintain control of the corporation.  Yet when she contacts Michael and he walks into her life, her heart is suddenly in danger.  But that's not the only thing.  The tumblers of a lock fall in place that will put both her and Michael's lives in danger.  Only Michael can save her and their love.