Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture by LeRon L. Barton Non Fiction True Crime Sociology

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Straight Dope, the hard hitting book by first time author LeRon L.
Barton takes you into drug culture in American. You will read stories
of addicts stealing, lying, and living to the next hit, teachers
expressing hopelessness of teaching students living in drug infested
homes, and the struggles of newly clean addicts as the try to stay
clean. Straight Dope talks to drug dealers as they regal tales of
money and death, drug counselors fighting to keep people off drugs,
and parents regretting their choices of meth over their children. Want
to hear about how the legal marijuana industry is ran? Want to read
about family struggles with crack? Fighting with loved ones about
meth? Read Straight Dope. Everything is real, nothing is fiction. The
most honest book about drugs in America, ever.