Make Money in Up & Down Markets With Eagle Strategies

With the ongoing financial crisis in the U.S., the possibility that
large swings in the stock market could undermine 401K retirement funds
has become a looming concern for my family. I have some information
from Economics classes in high school and college, but I really needed
help trying to figure out what were some safe options for investments.
This book was a good resource. Dr. Kapur suggests using Call Options
and Put Options to help you be able to buy and sell stocks with less
overall fluctuation in your investment. He uses interesting analogies
between stock market terms and widely known animals with prominent
features that everyday people would know, such as comparing Call and
Pull Options to a condor that flies high and makes graceful circular
movements once it has risen to a high stable position. To me, these
analogies made the book much more understandable. Unlike any e-book I
have read, Dr. Kapur also disproves the idea that tables and charts
cannot be used effectively in e-books. He even has links to the online
versions that are larger. Also, I was totally surprised by his
suggestion to invest in gold! I had seen the William Devane commercial
about keeping savings in gold coins; but, having read Dr. Kapur's
reasoning, I now see it wasn't a joke but a useful piece of advice. I
also truly appreciated how this book mentions real world smart
investments. There are places where you really have to pay attention,
but I think any layperson could read this book and take away valuable,
understandable information that will help them make better use of
their savings and retirement funds. I wish I had this book 20 years
ago! This book is a valuable resource for anyone who has, needs, or
wants money to invest.