The Transformation of a Doubting Thomas: Growing from a Cynic to a Professional in the Corporate World- a business book by Thomas B. Dowd III

A 2012 New England Book Festival Honorable Mention Winner in the
Business Category.

The author is a recovering cynic whose own professional growth is
detailed based on lessons learned in over twenty years in a business
environment. Tom's experience in the corporate world proves that only
a small number of leaders rise to the top. The experiences shared
will teach the reader to work smarter--not harder--to thrive in
corporate chaos where the current economic conditions have taught the
employed and unemployed alike to simply try to survive. Everyone has
room to grow. The target audience of corporate leaders, stagnant or
disengaged employees, prospective employees, or simply individuals
wanting to reach higher goals, is reinforced with tips ranging from
common mistakes made in the workplace to techniques every leader
should possess. The messages are simple and relate to anyone who has
ever been in the work force. This book will strengthen the employee
and employer relationship into an engaged and inspired partnership
driving the business together, while re-energizing individuals to
become self-aware of their own accountability to take action to grow.
The evolution will inspire increased success and satisfaction levels,
while expediting the climb up the corporate ladder. With the current
global economy on the brink of recovery, opportunities are abound.
The information will provide a competitive edge to individuals to
effectively and quickly adapt to the changing professional landscape
while differentiating themselves from the masses. The reader will
learn how to build a solid foundation and stand out amongst others.
The growth opportunities go beyond the realm of the professional and
corporate world. Personal and professional success is a combined
entity that can be transformed as you take this journey. Ambitious
leaders striving to get ahead, or stationary individuals looking to
make a move, will be inspired to start taking action to reach his or
her full potential. The goal for all readers is to build confidence
and shape attitudes to become better people and enriched

I had just lost a Toastmasters speech competition where the winner
went on to the World Semi-finals and was in the top 81 in the world.
The winner was a professional speaker, and also a nice guy. I asked
him to the following day to be my mentor, and he graciously said yes.
An hour later, I won his book and CD. I spent the next five hours of
the drive home thinking about why I couldn't do something similar.
The thought of becoming an author never crossed my mind. I had
already been doing a lot of professional development training at work
to help emerging leaders. The next day, I made the decision to go for
it. I immediately started the outline for the book. I wrote the book
in less than a year, but spent the next year fine tuning it. I am
proud of the achievement, including the most recent recognition as
Honorable Mention in the 2012 New England Book Festival. Our ability
to change ourselves into who we really want to be in a matter of
self-awareness, belief, and taking the appropriate action can make the
difference. It is important to know that we are all on this journey,
but growth and success are possible.