Mental Pause - women's fiction by Anne O'Connell

Mental Pause is written just a little 'tongue in cheek', with a big dose of plausibility, a little titillation and a few unexpected twists. It's for a reader who likes mystery and courtroom drama with a fair bit of interaction between characters with some realistic dialogue. Although it's what some would consider 'chick lit', some husbands (and older sons) could learn a little about what happens to a woman during menopause, which can make her a little mental, and maybe gain a little empathy. The main character, Abbie Slocum, is a forty-something mom of two teenage boys who feels a little suffocated by all the testosterone swirling around her day to day. Simultaneously, she is overwhelmed by her peri-menopausal symptoms that start to get just a bit out of control... night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes and paranoia. The normally sweet Abbie gets caught up in a downward spiral and seeks solace with her best friend Rachel and a new friend, Joan, from Rachel's singles support group. Her gal pals try to help Abbie forget her cares and woes, leading her down that proverbial garden path to no good. Abbie careens down the path to late night parties and experimental drugs and right into court where she winds up on trial for murder. Will she plead temporary insanity?