Macabre Rising - a mythological horror anthology by James Ninness

Stories of Man, Myth and Monster

I have been obsessed with monsters since I was a young boy--I blame Harryhausen films. As I made my way through college I became more concerned with the methodology behind the myths. Where did these myths come from? Why were they created?

Mythology and horror already exist as bosom buddies. My goal with Macabre Rising was to imagine where these mythologies would be today had they actually existed. More than that, I wanted to surround the these creatures with characters reminiscent of their progenitors.

The Jikininki, Wendigo, Boggart, Zombi, Snipe, and a certain set of serial killers are all represented with an equal amount of love. The goal was not simply to write a book with terrifying beasts but to use the effect of those monsters to reveal something more about the characters.