Necessary Detour - a Romantic Susupense by Kim Hornsby

International Rock Star Goldy retires and hides at a lakehouse from the media but when she meets a strange neighbor, rock star life looks safe and tame.


Long ago, I was a rock singer. I had thigh-high leather boots and sang songs by Journey and Pat Benatar, while traipsing across a wide stage to the screaming notes of the lead guitar. Now I write books and I thought it was only fitting to draw on my knowledge of my time spent on stage singing and at the piano writing music to create a character who is not your average rock star. Readers tell me she is an honest, lovely, woman with a heart as big as her fanbase.

Goldy Crossland has spent the last twenty years being a world renowned rock star and now she wants out for personal reasons. When she and her guitar-playing husband split at the end of her world tour, she sees her chance to retire and try to find the quiet life she now craves. Hiding at her remote lakehouse in northern Washington State, Goldy attempts to avoid the media fallout after her announced retirement. Slowing down after life in the fast lane isn't easy and she finds herself spying on the intriguing neighbor across the small bay and wishing for a romantic interlude. But when things take a strange turn, Goldy's involvement with the neighbor puts her life at risk and soon she finds herself making a choice to get out and stay safe or delve deeper and risk two lives.


Originally, this novel was called Goldy and The Bayers and was modeled after the nursery story Goldilocks. As you read, you'll see why. Enjoy the story...