2082: The Chronicles Of Hope - A Political Science Fiction Novel By Robert Breeze


Myself, I'm a local Government officer in London, and about three years ago I started writing these books. After receiving B.A. degrees in History and Politics my frustration in finding myself a monotonous cog in the government system initially manifested itself as cynicism and spawned a disappointed idealist. One day it inevitably lit an inner spark (the flint being extreme boredom at work) that fuelled putting pen to paper. The ideas for the characters came first. I was sat on the tube one day and glanced opposite. The man sat opposite had silver hair swept into a side parting, a smart briefcase, long beige mackintosh, was reading a copy of the financial times, and only glanced up occasionally to genuinely sneer and flash dirty looks at an unkempt looking black man opposite him. Unfairly but instinctively, in my head I ripped this pompous racist apart, myself probably guilty of stereotyping as much as him. It all got me thinking about stereotypical characters, and made me think about how interesting characters who don't fit a set stereotype are. That lies behind the idea for most of the characters in '2082', with the government project a totalitarian one based on a personality machine. N.b. if this seems a little far-fetched then the concept has recently been given a boost by several revelations about how the government and social media sites are collecting this very data.

'2082', the 1st book in the political sci-fi series 'The Chronicles Of Hope', is out now, promoted by Amazon and just 99p. It's been sat in Amazon's top 20 sci-fi bestseller list since release so early sales are great. It's also been retweeted by the likes of Dawkins, with the protagonist a fiercely atheist politician. He's also a revolutionary, humanitarian, working class genius. All this at a time where little has changed in the direction society is heading in, Frank Noon finally provides the political alternative the UK has been lacking for so long.

With overpopulation making life on Earth increasingly unsustainable Frank Noon, an alternative politician, reluctantly leads an intergalactic government project in the late 21st century. What follows is a thought-provoking, heartwarming journey of humour and hope. It's one of self-discovery for Frank, as he battles to gain control of a relative asylum consisting of a cross section of the populous as much at odds with themselves as the situation. As they learn more about the project and its intentions it's clear that the consequences be for the future of humanity are critical.

Please feel free to contact me on the website or through twitter (@robertbreeze) if you wanted to query more about the books/writing – I've learnt so much, especially in how to market a book (meticulous organization absolutely key), and am happy to share. My intentions are merely to make more people think and question everything, the subjects raised in the book consistently thought-provoking, and Frank's take on them unique.