NIGHT WALK - a paranormal thriller by David Hudnut

Like any cookie-cutter suburban family you know, on the outside the Wistfell family appears fresh from the oven with their Tic-Tac smiles and formica hair styles. On the inside, beneath their Sears Family Portrait exterior, lies a pitch black heritage. The Wistfell family knows a thing or two about the Devil's business. They also know how to hide their dark secrets, just like every other Joe and Jane American. They put on the same masks we all do every time we go out to meet the world.

Rob and Amelia Wistfell are all set to enjoy the weekend with their four-year-old daughter Eva, but their troubles begin immediately. A run-in with a menacing bunch of locals over a parking space sets off a chain reaction. No matter where the Wistfell family goes, trouble follows. Rob and Amelia have no idea why.

They don’t realize that their daughter Eva has blossoming telepathic powers and she’s messing with people's heads.

When the family accidentally crosses paths with two thugs bent on murderous destruction, the Wistfells face their toughest challenge yet.

Who will be the villains? Who will be the victims? Nothing is as it seems in NIGHT WALK, a character-driven thriller with a paranormal twist. More than a genre novel, it’s filled with deft insight into the nature of good, evil, and personal identity.

Who are we beneath our masks?

Find out in NIGHT WALK by David Hudnut.

“Standing ovation. NIGHT WALK is vivid, intense, every bit as riveting as Stephen King. Phenomenal ending. A real slam between the eyes…will satisfy the blood-thirsty appetite of any reader.” - Sandra J. Martin, Author

“Set a new place at the Horror Masters table for David Hudnut. The visceral terror of NIGHT WALK grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go; balancing gut-wrenching thrills with true insight into believable characters who you will stay with every step of the way.” - Steve Curcuru, Author & Illustrator of Savage Paradise

“Destined to be one of the greats. NIGHT WALK takes your happy place and shreds it. Leaves you seeing the flimsy walls in which it was housed. A new level of page-turning terror.” - Jon C.