The Intercessor-a Fantasy by Miriam Davison

The Intercessor is about a young novelist who felt she never fitted in
anywhere; until she went to view an old cottage. She immediately felt
at home and bought it without hesitating.
This is when Abigail really began to live and started a new life as an
Intercessor..a medium between the Mythological world and the Human
world. She had to keep the balance between good and evil.
Unfortunately she doesn't have much time to learn from her
predecessor; the previous, now dead but not gone, owner, Hattie.
Something bad is brewing and Hattie has to move on, leaving Abigail
and a host of mythological allies to fight the goddess of winter to
save both worlds.
I love anything to do with Fantasy and Horror and that's what drove me
to write this book. I am at present writing the follow up...'Love and
the Intercessor, and enjoying throwing in a few comedy moments.