Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course, a How-To Book by Tom Von Deck


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I've been studying meditation and self healing practices for 25 years now. During those years, I learned all the tricks of the trade that make meditation much much easier, especially for busy people. 2009 became the year to finally share these strategies with the world in the form of Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course and The Deeper Meditation Audio Course. 

According to surveys, most people who give up on meditation claim that they ended their practices because they were too busy. Hogwash! No one is too busy. You just have to know the correct methods for integrating meditation into your schedule. Surveys also show that a lack of self discipline causes many people to stop meditating. The instructions in Oceanic Mind will make things so easy that you won't even think about lacking either time or self discipline. Meditation will just come naturally. 

Oceanic Mind features more than 60 meditation and mind body training techniques plus tips on how to customize your meditation practice so that you are compatible with every aspect of it. No meditation technique is the right one for everyone just as no one lover is right for everyone. Compatibility is one of the keys to a solid meditation practice. You will experiment with many techniques and learn how to discover the "right" one that will make meditation seem effortless.

Integration strategies are methods for integrating meditation into daily life. Hindus have chants that can be repeated many times per day. Buddhists may calmly observe their thoughts and the feelings in their bodies as often as possible. Muslims pray five times per day. Some people take yoga stretch breaks during work days to help anchor a momentum of peace. These methods can be religious, spiritual or secular depending on the practitioner. All these practices generate just a little bit of calm each time. This calm creates a powerful snowball effect that builds up a huge momentum of peace, even if you don't notice the immediate effects. You are triggering processes that occur below the level of consciousness and add up to huge results. Even using thirty seconds out of each hour or those 20 seconds in the elevator will accomplish this effect. Meditation becomes much easier with a solid integration strategy. Oceanic Mind helps you discover which strategies work best for you and provides you with lots of exercises to choose from. 

Just about every meditation technique has a warm up strategy that helps prepare the mind and body for a deeper meditation experience. The simplest one is the familiar "relax and take a few deep breaths". Some Buddhists use lovingkindness affirmations and visualizations because they help make concentration easier. Yoga stretching, poses and breathing exercises are actually designed to enhance meditation, though they're not always used for this purpose. Oceanic Mind teaches you how to choose your warm ups and sequence them properly so that you are in the optimum state of mind. Meditation becomes much easier when you learn this. 

These are just a few of the things you'll learn in the book. The art of making meditation easier is very involved, and I packed in as much information as possible. 

All techniques in the book are thoroughly tested with readers to make sure they are super easy to understand and follow. I've had my own experiences with how-to books that had an ambiguity or two in an exercise that made the instruction worthless. You'll be quite pleased with the instructions. Better yet, if you're reading this soon after it posts, the guided audios come free with this title. That means each exercise is explained in two different ways.