ROWLF! - a children's book by S. Moo (Shannon 'Guernsey' Coulter)

ROWLF! by S. Moo (Shannon 'Guernsey' Coulter) will be free from 04/04/13-04/05/13

The entire series was inspired by my beloved pets from my childhood and in my life now. I built my characters around my pet's distinct personalities. ROWLF! features Rocky, my sweet dog from my childhood. I made his character in my books just like he was in real life: rambunctious, rowdy, and a lot of fun. My series also teaches children valuable life lessons while reading and having fun. This story focuses on not judging based upon first impressions.

This is the 3rd in a cliffhanger series of 7 books for kids. In this series, parents, teachers, etc. and kids follow Fassa as he uses his fabulous imagination to meet his best friends and learn valuable life lessons along the way. Even better: once the story is read, readers can log on to for FREE access to fun activities, coloring pages, conversations starters, quizzes, and more that reinforce the life lesson in each story. HAVE FUN!