Slipping on Stardust - a suspenseful novel by Gordon Osmond
After only two months on the market, Slipping on Stardust, has already garnered five, 5-Star Reviews on Amazon--three from professional sources.

The ultimate guilt-free beach read, Slipping on Stardust is a riveting tale of small-time life, adolescent rebellion, community theatre intrigues, and legal scandals, with a kidnapping demanding suicide as ransom thrown in for extra spice.
It all starts when Adrian Conway, an aging Hollywood movie star, arrives in Johnson, Ohio to star in a community theatre production of a classic play opposite the reigning drama queen, who is the wife of the town's leading lawyer and the mother of a handsome, but sexually undecided son. To say that all hell breaks loose thereafter is not to do justice to hell. The conflicts that follow fling family members to New York City and to Hollywood in a trail of betrayal, scandal, and crime.

The writing style of Gordon Osmond's debut novel has been likened to Kurt Vonnegut, Oscar Wilde, Preston Sturges, and George Cukor.

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