BARING HER SOUL - a Fantasy Paranormal novel by Yvonne Crowe

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Does this book answer the question of Is There Life After Death.  Read Tamsin's story and judge for yourself.

Having come from a dysfunctional family, she is the perfect victim for a controlling bully and begins down the path in her mother's footsteps. But the Universe has other ideas and sends confronting dreams which make her examine her life and marriages
. Taking the bull by the horns she is determined to make sense of what is happening to her. She does this does this in a most controversial manner. Firstly by taking up the Tarot Cards and then taking herself off to a spiritual retreat where she seeks the answer to the question we all want to know "What is Life About?"
The revelations astound her but as she becomes stronger and stronger, learning to stand on her own two feet; she decides to set off to find evidence of her past life epiphanies.