So Much Time, So Little Change - a humor essay collection by Thomas Sullivan
Don't listen to the self-help gurus -- life is supposed to be ridiculous. Otherwise we'd end up bored and learn nothing. Like our parents.

That's what Thomas Sullivan thinks when he gets his hair cut with a Flowbie or watches an acquaintance get hit by his own golf ball after it bounces off a tree.  In these essays people do wonderfully weird things. They substitute Jiffy Lube for Starbucks as their coffee destination. They watch Divorce Court with strangers in a bar. They attempt to control the Honey Bucket line at a music festival or they clash with people at the DMV. Sometimes they even invest in a fund that's backed by a $20 million gem-stone carved into a statue of a boy riding a water-buffalo. It's absurd, but it's always a lot of fun.

In Kindle and print.

The author is a former driver education instructor. No, he didn't develop a drinking problem or end up in a padded room. But he did write a book about that ridiculous experience as well.

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