Vokhtah - science fiction/fantasy novel by A.C.Flory


Vokhtah is a savage planet with a 77 year life cycle. When the two suns
are distant, life erupts on the planet. However when the suns draw near
each other, the planet is ravaged, and life goes underground.  Predators
and prey alike must fight to survive until the cycle begins again.

On Vokhtah,  the Vokh are the supreme predators. None of the lesser beastscan match their strength or cunning, and yet the Vokh are few because theyprey upon each other.  Only the oldest can control the battle frenzy. And so they must live alone, in deep cave systems called eyries, attended only by their smaller, less aggressive cousins the iVokh.

Legend tells of a time when the Vokh and iVokh were one people, but few
believe that ancient myth. Like the Vokh, the iVokh are true
hermaphrodites, and can fly, but there the resemblance ends. iVokh can live together in groups, and bear multiple offspring, the Vokh cannot. For the Vokh, losing a mating battle always means death as none can survive the birth. In this world, Death is a constant, and even Life has teeth. Be strong, be smart, or die.
Welcome to Vokhtah.

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