Tea & Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book - Contemporary Poetry - by D.L. Lang


Tea & Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book is the culmination of
fifteen years of work. I wrote my poetry as a way of coping with some
tough times. Many days poetry was my method of turning the strong
emotions I felt about life's hardships into a positive, lasting
creative pursuit. It is up to you to unlock the meaning of my words,
as your interpretation is far more powerful than anything I could ever
reveal to you about my thoughts upon writing it. Poetry is the
beautiful, sometimes powerful blending of fiction and non-fiction with
a dual meaning--one formed by the poet and the other by each
individual reader.

Throughout the book, I touch on universal themes of love, loss,
rejection, war, peace, and the search for spirituality. It is my hope
that the poems in this book will bring you joy, perhaps catharsis,
laughter, and if I am truly lucky, impart some wisdom. These poems
were primarily written while I lived in Oklahoma with a few from more
recent years in California. I hope that you will enjoy the journey
that my words may hold, as these words brought me comfort and sparked
a journey of imagination far from the wheat fields of Oklahoma and the
metallic elegance of the Golden Gate Bridge.