The Dream Jumper's Promise A Paranormal Suspense by Kim Hornsby

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"A mysterious skill that straddles the line between paranormal and
possible, a woman mourning her husband lost at sea, and the sunny
embrace of Maui all come together in an evocative narrative that
quickly becomes a real page-turner." Lisa Costantino, Chanticleer
Winner of Top Women's Fiction 2012 – Maiden's Veil

Ten months after the presumed death of a missing surfer, Maui SCUBA
shop owner, Tina Greene, still can't accept her husband Hank's death.
Without a body, her undying hope for his survival lives on.
Jamey Dunn, an old boyfriend, arrives on Maui from his tour of duty in
Afghanistan where he's a dream jumper for the military. Tina's
inconvenient feelings for him resurface and, even though he dives on
her boat daily, she tries to avoid the man who betrayed her years
before. Nightly dreams of diving with Hank haunt her and the edge
between dreams and reality blur. Sensing danger, Jamey stays close to
the woman he's always loved but Tina turns to Hank's best friend,
Noble for comfort. Thinking he can help, Jamey offers to visit her
dreams. Tina is distrustful and hesitant to let him into her
subconscious mind, but relents. As the threesome come closer to
solving the mystery of Hank's disappearance, danger sets in to reveal
that one person is flirting with insanity, one is a traitor, and one
is an imposter.