The Judas Factor- supense thriller, romantic mystery

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In this book is an interesting dissection of the deviousness of betrayal as used in the art of survival and protection in the course of desperate dealings surrounding matters of money and power. The story concerns an extremely wealthy international drug cartel kingpin whose activities also include the support of a plot for a military coup to take over government and gain control of the political power in the country. While he has busied himself with the illicit operations of his outfit, a dashing young drug courier who has operated on his behalf has become involved in a dangerous romantic liaison with his fiancee, an English boarding school educated scion of a wealthy family . The courier is framed in a simple net of official corruption and proceeds to meet the wages for his actions. All the characters in this story are intertwined by their selfish and usually greedy actions which because of the instincts of self preservation lead them into a spiral of mutual destruction, betrayal and retribution. The pace and relentless advancement of this well written novel will have you glued to the pages from start to finish.