The Sovereign - A science fiction trilogy by Landon Andrews

The Sovereign, a cosmic journey into the heart of self, a sci/fi
adventure trilogy by Landon Andrews
It's not the image that you see in the mirror, but the act of
reflection itself that reveals the essence of what you might truly be.
Wake to see that you have become lucid in the dream.

The Sovereign, A science fiction based trilogy that could be more real
than reality as you know it, authored by Landon Andrews.

The Sovereign is a rich and controversial tale that is told in the
context of a science fiction novel that will blow your mind! Woven
into the narrative are truths about our current state of affairs and
reality that we are all experiencing where humanity is beginning to
wake to the truth of the illusion that has been programmed into our

As the characters take you down the proverbial rabbit hole, the reader
will be shocked to understand that what might be considered a fiction
is actually more real than the lies that have been sold to all of us
in an attempt to keep us in a state of eternal slumber!

Like a magician who uses slight of hand to create an appearance, the
reader will learn of this as one of the many techniques that has been
expertly crafted and employed over man's inception to trick and
deceive the characters hypnotizing them by a performance meant
distract and confound them into subservience.

Lance and his clone equivalent begin to discover that the act is a
fiction meant to disguise the yolk they are harnessed by so that they
remain unaware of their bondage on a global slave plantation. The
reader will be enthralled and alert to how the novel's thread may be
occurring to us as well as we continue to witness the drama's that
unfold on the global stage.

In a dazzling story of subterfuge and deceit committed upon the masses
the author will engage you where you will begin to question the belief
system and story you have sold. If you are faint of heart and would
rather not entertain a fictional story that might be more real than
what we think of as true, then you might not be able to handle "The

If you are prepared to be swept away by aliens, shadow governments,
quantum realities and a divine love affair then strap yourself in
tightly because this ride is as wild and thought provocative as it

The Sovereign is a science fiction based thriller with promising reviews:

"Transported into a multi-demisnsional world, I was transfixed by the
possibility, intrigue, and deep insights offered. The raw truth is
thought provoking, and the emotional roller- coaster ride is
viscerally chilling."

Merrie Lynn Ross

Filmmaker/comedienne/best selling author, "Life As An Improv', "The
Bully Solution - Peace Smarts".

"Landon Andrews delivers a powerful message of how the depths of
suffering transform and liberate the human spirit. He brings us into
close touch with our fears through storytelling. The other worldly
elements offer a rich, imaginative and provoking dynamic. This is a
masterpiece. " Amazon customer reviewer.