Thirty Homes in Thirty Years, a memoir
Addy Stevens takes us on the autobiographical journey of a young divorcee's relentless determination to escape her past and create a life she feels she and her two children deserve... as she recounts the thirty homes she creates over thirty years... and all the joy, heartbreak, challenges and successes along the way. The twist is ....the humor that comes through it all.
Kirkus Reviews:
The narrative also displays her fast-paced present-day life with lovers, friends and colleagues, as well as an exploration of what it is to be Texan. She's witty, fun and sometimes hilarious in charmingly artless ways, as she moves through jobs, houses and cities.
"I wanted a life full of intrigue and mystery, new environments, and new people...[a] temporary life with no fear of being trapped," she says. She succeeded, as this well-written, refreshingly honest memoir confirms.