The Tapestry A Horror Novel By Paul Wigmore

 Narrated in part by a mysterious storyteller with a dark sense of
humour. The Tapestry is a story of unconditional love. Whether it be
right or wrong is up to you to decide.

    Lovestruck Gavin is on his way home from Pra-loup in France. He is
a long distance lorry driver and often away from home for long periods
of time. This makes the time he does spend with his sweetheart
Michelle all the more special. He can not wait to wrap his arms around
her when he gets home.

The baseball bat to the back of his head on his arrival home is
certainly not what he was expecting.

    Watching himself and his sweetheart burn was even more surprising.
He vowed revenge on their murderers just as Saul 'The Bringer of The
Black Plague' summoned his soul to appear before him.

    Saul is the mightiest  demon ever to wander the wastelands of
Hades, even contesting the throne of Adromaloch and very nearly won.
He wasn't done but he needed help to free him from his incarceration
on the hallowed ground, but for this he needed a soul of the most
twisted and dark character to help him escape and Gavins is ripe for
the picking. This is why he was also known as 'The Freak' and had been
since childhood.

    Due to Gavin's abusive childhood and somewhat twisted private life
since, his soul is easy to capture and he is brought before Saul at
the moment of his death to make a deal. To avenge both their enemies
and in return, Saul teaches him the dark arts that will help him on
his way.

   Clara is the only being that actually hears Saul rejoice as the
contract is accepted, as she inherited her psychic powers from her
grandmother and has spent a lot of time since her husband Stan passed
away travelling the astral planes.

    She has stopped accepting new clients since her last client took
the news of her husband's infidelity very bad. Clara read the news of
the murder/ suicide the next morning with her breakfast and swore
never to take another client. What she couldn't refuse though was "The
Tapestry" bequeathed to her in her Grandmother's will along with a
letter explaining that she was now "The Keeper of the Tapestry,
Guardian of the Dragonfire".

She alone could stem the flow of evil about to erupt from the
sulphuric forest of evil beneath our feet... But will she 'become' in
time to save the children?

A truly horrific story which will turn your blood cold and bring a
tear to your eye. Settle yourself down for the night. But don't forget
to leave the light on.