Your Poetry eBook: Quick & Easy Formatting for Kindle - Poetry Writing Reference - by D.L. Lang

Your Poetry eBook: Quick & Easy Formatting for Kindle is my way of
encouraging other poets to take a chance. I truly believe that the
success of poets in general depends on all poets encouraging each
other. Now, I know that poetry can be a very personal thing, and
putting your words and ideas out there will make you seem vulnerable,
but there is a satisfaction in self-publishing your work and a
cultivation of gratitude that comes with realizing people enjoy what
you have to say. Today, the best way to get your poems in front of
poetry hungry eyes is via Amazon's Kindle. In my book I make it easy
for you to take your poems from unknown to published. The only thing
holding you back is fear. You may have heard poetry is too hard for
ebooks, HTML is too hard to learn, poetry does not sell, and you have
to pay someone gobs of money to publish you work. I am here to say,
that is just fear speaking. You can do it and my book will show you
how! Get your book ready for National Poetry Month, and celebrate this
gift of language that you have been given! If I can do it, then I know
that you can do it. So join me, as when one poet succeeds, we all