A FAMILY AFFAIR - A Regency Historical by Jennifer Wenn

A FAMILY AFFAIR is the debut novel by Jennifer Wenn and the first in The Royal Family series. The novel is for now a part of KDP Select and will be free for you to download between 21st and 25th of May 2013. It will be officially released by The Wild Rose Press July 19th 2013. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C1KX6JE
Devlin Ross, the Duke of Hereford, has long ago made a vow to himself to break the curse his father has cast upon him by mentally abuse him throughout his childhood by never marry or have a family of his own. But when he meets Lady Francesca Darling, his best friend's merry niece, he can't help himself - he must have her.
Fanny, who fell in love with Devlin when she was a mere five years old in that obnoxious, stalking way only a child can, didn't hesitate when it came to her feelings towards him. She had loved him dearly for thirteen years and would not let her interfering relatives stand in the way between her and lifelong happiness.
But was she stubborn enough to make him realize exactly how simple-minded he was when it came to fulfilling the vow he once made?