Conquering Passion- Juicy medieval romance by Anna Markland

The year is 1066. The world is about to change forever. Conquering Passion is the first book of The Montbryce Legacy. We are introduced to three brothers, Norman noblemen who play a vital role in the victory of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings.

Conquering Passion is the story of Ram, the eldest brother, an ambitious warrior greedy for glory and the promised rewards of the Norman Conquest. He deeply resents an arranged marriage with Mabelle de Valtesse,  the impoverished daughter of an exiled psychotic nobleman, whom he deems unsuitable to be the wife of an Earl.

It's an intimate story of passion, ambition  conspiracy and vengeance. A sweeping Norman epic.

If only my heroes and heroines had revealed their stories to me in chronological order, it would have made life so much easier for you! If you prefer to read sagas in chronological order, here's a handy list of what to read after Conquering Passion.

1066—If Love Dares Enough
1066—Defiant Passion
1087—A Man of Value
1097—Dark Irish Knight
1100—Passion in the Blood
1106—Dark and Bright
1107—The Winds of the Heavens
1107—Dance of Love
1113—Carried Away
1120—Sweet Taste of Love
1124—Wild Viking Princess