A Lick of Immortality - a mix of scifi and paranormal romance by Arwen Jayne


Survive death, find love, battle evil and save an immortal brother who's been trapped in crystal for the last 100,000 years. Not a challenge for the faint of heart.  Major John Samuels is a veteran of Australian peace keeping forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having retired from that life to try and forget he's made a new life as a trainer teaching security, personal protection and survival skills to civilians and the paramilitary.  It's this job that brought him to a small rural Southern Australian town of Boswell.  Boswell is a town where immortal, higher vibrational beings live side by side with some pretty open minded accepting townsfolk who keep their presence secret. Together they've already battled the evil aliens, The Din, once and won. Now they have a captured spaceship parked at the bottom of the local lake, a space glider in the volunteer fire brigade's spare shed and two ex-Din who have defected. John's new friend, Malakim and galactic defender Commander Alexios Thex, desperately wants to free his second in command. Arion is trapped in crystal, unable to ascend back to his normal form. Protected by the mysterious Shang he exists deep with a Himalayan cave, long ago having given up all hope of release. Arion's sisters and one other conspire to bring two lovers together who might just hold the key but first John must survive. To do so he must put into practice the knowledge of the ancient Shang.

A Lick of Immortality builds on the characters and world of the Malakim and the evil Din from the novella Heart of Stone which launched the series. The sci-fi fantasy/ erotic paranormal romance mixes elements from ancient mythology and conspiracy theory with a modern day tale of finding love that cross all boundaries and accepts unconditionally.

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