My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One) a YA romantic comedy/Greek mythology novel by Tellulah Darling

Here's the thing. Writing takes up a lot of time. My family needs the patience of a saint and the willingness to keep yelling my name until I dazedly look up from whatever world I've been immersed in. After my first book was released, my tween daughter put her foot down. Write a YA novel she was allowed to read, or there would be consequences ... You don't want to poke the beast that is a tween girl's moods so I complied. My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One), a fun romp through a re-imagined Persephone myth, was the result. She gave it her thumbs up and I hope you do too. 

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Bloom wishes she'd been taught the following:

a) Bad boy's presence (TrOuBlE) + teen girl's brain (DraMa) = TrAuMa (Highly unstable and very volatile.)

b) The Genus Greekulum Godissimus is notable for three traits: 1) awesome abilities, 2) grudges, and 3) hook-ups, break-ups, and in-fighting that puts cable to shame.

Prior to the Halloween dance, Sophie figures her worst problems involve adolescent theatrics, bitchy yoga girls, and being on probation at her boarding school for mouthy behaviour. Then she meets bad boy Kai and gets the kiss that rocks her world.


This breath stealing lip lock reawakens Sophie's true identity: Persephone, Goddess of Spring. She's key to saving humanity in the war between the Underworld and Olympus, target numero uno of Hades and Zeus, and totally screwed.

Plus there's also the little issue that Sophie's last memory as Persephone was just before someone tried to murder her.

Big picture: master her powers, get her memories back, defeat Persephone's would be assassin, and save the world. Also, sneak into the Underworld to retrieve stolen property, battle the minions of Hades and Zeus, outwit psycho nymphs, slay a dragon, rescue a classmate, keep from getting her butt expelled from the one place designed to keep her safe ...

... and stop kissing Kai, Prince of the Underworld.

My Ex From Hell is a romantic comedy/Greek mythology smackdown. Romeo and Juliet had it easy.

Total strangers on Amazon have claimed: "loved the book", "romance with a sexy underworld twist", and "Just let me LOL and give the 2nd book already." My mom claimed that I gave up a perfectly good career in screenwriting for this. I did. And I've never looked back.

So check out My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One). 

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