"And Still, She Wept" - A Mystery/Police Procedural - by T.C. Barnes

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~"A disturbing portrait of a killer, and the scrupulous work and determination required to find him."
***Kirkus Reviews ~The World's Toughest Book Critics

Currently in the top 10 in Police Procedurals in the US & the UK!

New York Detective Frank Reilly is a man on a mission.  After having lost his beloved wife to cancer, he is drawn back from the brink of an emotional abyss by the murder of a teenage girl who looks just like her.  With nothing else left to assuage his guilt, he throws himself into the investigation with every ounce of passion still left inside him.  But with little evidence to go on, his case quickly grows cold.

When another victim is killed in exactly the same manner over five hundred miles away, Reilly knows that he must act immediately.  Going against the advice of his superiors, he flies to North Carolina to continue his hunt for the sadistic killer.  Reilly knows that his only hope of success is to convince the Sheriff of Camden County that each of their crimes is connected.  To his relief, Claire Stiles immediately recognizes the undeniable similarities between them both.  Fueled by their furious and unrelenting desire to find the murderer, they work together day and night.  Unexpectedly, however, they also find themselves growing closer in the process.  This newly-burgeoning relationship slowly helps Reilly begin to heal his hidden, inner wounds.  Unfortunately, it also causes Claire's dark and violent history to be once again be dragged out into the light.  Will she finally be able to face her terrifyingly-bloody past, now that she has a friend whom she can trust?

With the relentless pace of the investigation increasing by the hour, Claire and Reilly leave no stone unturned in their frantic hunt for the serial killer.  Calling in two FBI profilers to help to try and understand what tenuous link binds all of the victims together, they end up delving headfirst into a nearly-forgotten, unsolved murder from over a decade ago.  Yet when another girl is abducted in broad daylight from the quiet streets of Camden County, Claire and Reilly must also put their own lives on the line in order to catch the madman; before it's too late!