Leap Of Faith / Quit Your Job And Live On A Boat - Kindle ebook by Ed Robinson


My wife and I quit our jobs and moved aboard a boat three years ago.
We've experienced freedom and tropical adventure that we never thought
We have escaped the rat race, gone Galt if you will. In this story I
explain how we were able to run away to paradise before the age of 50.
I relay tales from our adventures and make you feel
like you're sitting on that white sand beach with us. I explain how
you too can quit your job and live on a boat.

A typical review at Amazon: " What a breath of fresh air. In today's
world of full contact consumption it is heartening to know that there
are those who have found a better way. A simple life focused on simple
pleasures and the beauty of nature. There are powerful messages in
this book for everyone. Concepts that will help you improve your life
even if you choose not to pursue your dream on a boat. The wisdom is
delivered in a light and enjoyable manner like advice from a close