Bombs & Believers - An international thriller by Ken Sonenclar

Two stories:  one born a thousand years ago, the other just weeks ago, but so deeply entwined they share a single, jolting resolution.   At the center of the whirlwind is the hunt for a priceless treasure that once dominated the heart of the civilized world, before disappearing without a trace.  And along the way:  terror, murder, love, betrayal, courage, envy, political intrigue, and redemption.

 "Read it in one day, as it carries you on a roller coaster from start to finish. Perfect for holidays or to keep you going on a global flight!"

 "Wish DaVinci Code hadn't taken itself so seriously - then it would have resulted in something almost as fun as Bombs and Believers."

 "It reminded me a lot of some of Preston & Child's books with a strong and interesting protagonist, woven together with a good bit of history."

"Bombs & Believers"...

A suicide attack on U.S. sailors in Istanbul leaves hundreds dead, triggering a global manhunt.

Meanwhile, Zander Blake, chief of the LAPD's Art Theft squad, is flying to London to address a landmark UN assembly on saving the world's most endangered treasures. He lands only in time to learn that the conference keynote speaker, a celebrated Harvard archaeologist, has just been coldly executed.

While the CIA struggles to track down the Istanbul terrorists and Scotland Yard conducts its rambling investigation, Penny Theobald, the Harvard professor's beautiful graduate assistant, presses Blake into probing the murder with her. The pair follow a trail marred by secrets, betrayal, and violence that leads them to Turkey and the professor's surprising connection to the terrorist attack, quickly pulling them into a diplomatic intrigue that threatens to ignite a new holy war, should the professor's fatal mission – and rumored discovery – come to light.

Eavesdropping FBI agents, an ambitious American curator, a cunning Oxford don, an antiquities dealer struggling with his own greed, a stunning assassin, intelligence operatives and bureaucrats intent on keeping Blake and Theobald at bay, and mind-bending riddles left by the professor himself – all stand between the pair and their ultimately frantic search for the truth.

"…a breathless ride, loaded with hairpin turns, booby traps, and surprises galore. Great fun to be had as the pages whiz by."