The Heart of Sitnatia - A fantasy novel by Adam Biggs

Three ancient talismans have been found by four characters who, apparently, have nothing in common: the ruthless Reginald Catchpole and his sidekick Sid Slug, Amelia, a young gentle girl still at school, and Arthur Pound, a gentleman cat burglar. The adventure begins with an encounter with three mysterious guardians, who will take them to a far away land: the Island of Sitnatia. Little by little, as their journey progresses into the centre of the earth, Amelia, Arthur and Reginald begin to discover the truths and deceptions behind the appearance of what seemed at first an extraordinary adventure. A journey which nearly sees Amelia captured by the Gnarg (frightening people riding rat like creatures) and Reginald and Sid tackle an ancient evil witch who lives in an invisible giant bird-house. Helping the Vendra, a lost Roman legion, to reclaim their home island of Sitnatia by fighting back the hoards of Gnarg marching from the depths of the earth, they will reach the temple, at the heart of the volcano towering the island, where the final battle will take place. All they have to do now is struggle to destroy the talismans…  A wonderful fantasy novel with plenty of humour, for everyone to enjoy!