"CancerDance- a love story" by Sheri Dixon in Cancer genre


Meet the Dixons, a completely ordinary family living a completely ordinary life until the Big C entered the picture, and nothing was ordinary ever again.

Written in journal form taken from online posts and blog entries as everything unfolded, "CancerDance- a love story" follows the Dixons through over a decade of medical issues, insurance nightmares, money troubles, and all the other trials large and small that go along with living with chronic illness.

Because it's shared in 'real time', not softened by distance and memory, the story is sometimes painful, often angry, always filled with fierce love and devotion, this is a story of a family like thousands of others- who spend days, weeks, months and years doggedly forcing their square lives into the round holes of normalcy for the sanity of themselves and their children.

The Dixons are all still here, and all still fighting. Every day is a gift and so very precious.
And the dance goes on, and on, and on...