The Courage to Surrender - a memoir by John W.

"The Courage to Surrender" is the memoir of a first-wave middleclass baby boomer from a small town. My story lives in the families of millions who experimented with recreational drugs and "partied" with me in the '60s and '70s. The people and lifestyles I found along the way on my 40 year IT career can only be described by blending my feelings and thoughts through experiences and observations.
In the background of my memoir lies "America's hidden epidemic" a scientific study focused on the alarming growth rate of alcoholics and drug addicts in the baby boomer generation.
My secret life of substance abuse allowed me to live with the illusion of immortality, as it did for today's seniors who are seeking treatment for multiple addictions because they never stopped.
The progression of my disease kept me doing what I knew was wrong, but satisfied my need for acceptance with out of control influences that I followed to my bottom. The scope of my memoir reaches back over 50 years, until I stared death in the face. That day was Dec. 17, 2001, the day I found "The Courage to Surrender" my life of self-destruction for a journey into recovery and a new life.

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