I, Walter a historical fiction, adventure/ romance by Mike Hartner


I, Walter is the first book in a saga that will eventually bring readers to the 21st century.  It is as much a memoir as it is a historical fiction, and as I was writing it, I could very easily see certain actors portraying the characters in this book. 

There were also a few scenes that got deleted or heavily worked over before publication.   For instance, there's a scene in which Walter looks for better accomodations for his parents. In my mind, the landlord was an older lady, and when Walter tossed a coin, it spun past her on the ground. In my mind I saw her dive for it like it was a gift that she couldn't let escape.  I actually wrote it like that in the beginning.  In the end, the landlord was a male, and the response was a bit more dignified. 

One of the truly beautiful gems that was deleted in editing was during the conversation between Juan and Walter with Maria present.  In one of Juan's confessions, he mentions the reason that Maria was even on that boat from England in the first place.  MY editor had told me that that portion of the scene was 'pitch perfect' and yet, in the end, we killed that baby in favor of other parts of the conversation.  Now, readers will wonder why Maria was in that boat.  Unless, of course, they watch www.accidentalauthor.ca over the next few months, and read the deleted scenes and explanations as the come.