Living Backwards - a chick lit novel by Tracy Sweeney

If you found yourself back in high school as an adult, could you pretend to be the same person you were at seventeen?  Jillan Cross thinks that she can even though she's found herself back in time with a pink, sparkly flask in her back pocket.  But pretending to be the girl she once was proves to be harder than she expected.

When she escapes behind the school gym for a tiny sip, she's led down a path she never would have imagined all those years ago.  There was no skipping class the first time around.  No sneaking off behind the school gym.  And there definitely wasn't a Luke Chambers.  Don't change the past?  One little change won't hurt, right?

"Exceptionally well developed characters and a well put together plot round this out to be an outstanding read." - Candy's Raves Blog

LIVING BACKWACKS, a debut novel by Tracy Sweeney, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Virtualbookworm Publishing.