Ransom Lake - a suspense novel by Brent R Taylor


Gus always knew that his weight would kill him. He had tried all the
diets; no fat, low fat, eat all you want. During a particularly down
spell he even had a go at the finger-down-your-throat weight loss
management program. But it was hopeless. In the end his weight did
play a role in his death, but it happened in a way that he never could
have imagined.

Ransom Lake explores the bond between two lifelong friends and what
one is willing to sacrifice for the salvation of the other.

While on their annual fishing trip, Chris chances upon the murderer of
his wife and is hellbent on revenge. Gus pleads for a show of mercy
but Chris will not be dissuaded. A selfless act leads to the end of
Chris's tortured self-flagellation and to his eventual redemption.