22 Questions I Gotta Ask Myself BEFORE I Become A Real Estate Agent - by Tranett T. Brooks


Kindle Book Description

Publication Date: October 3, 2012

22 Questions I Gotta Ask Myself BEFORE You Become a Real Estate Agent
is written specifically for individuals that are contemplating the
decision of becoming a Real Estate Agent. It is an un-biased look at
the daily life of this career. It shares true insight on what will be
required of you should you choose to become an agent. It helps the
reader to determine if this career choice is a good fit.

Not everyone will succeed at being a Real Estate Agent. This eBook
does not persuade or discourage the reader toward nor away from this
career. Rather, it opens up the truth in what to expect in terms of
your time, energy and money. It answers the TOP 22 Questions that an
individual will need to know and understand before making this

Most of the information on the market today only talks about "How to
be a Successful Real Estate Agent." While that information is helpful,
it does not help an individual that is in the decision-making phase.
This eBook fills a VOID for those that have NOT yet made their

This eBook is written in plain and simple, easy-to-understand text. It
gets right to the truth and delivers answers to those burning
questions that you would only get from a Real Estate Agent operating
currently in this career field. People need to know: Will they make
money? Can they afford it? Do they have the time? And, most
importantly will they ENJOY it? Becoming a Real Estate Agent is not a

The sole mission of this eBook is to teach you all about the
advantages and disadvantages of being a Real Estate Agent...from
another Real Estate Agent BEFORE you invest your time, money and

If you are truly considering becoming a Real Estate Agent, please
don't make your FINAL decision UNTIL after you have read this eBook. I
guarantee you that it will: 1). Confirm your decision to pursue this
career; or 2). Keep you from making a costly mistake.

No matter what you decide, make your decision AFTER you've read this eBook!