"THE BRIDGE" - A Paranormal/Mystery Novel By Allan Krummenacker


A story of ghosts, psychics, mystery and parallel earths.

Alex Hill is a gifted psychic.  When he was only twelve he was part of a team of paranormal investigators from a university who entered one of the most haunted places on Earth.  Alex was the only one to survive with his sanity.  After that he turned his back on his psychic powers in order to lead a normal life.  

Eighteen years later, as a successful Commercial Real Estate Agent, Alex has a wonderful girlfriend named Veronica Ross.  Veronica is also a police officer who is now investigating a strange accident where she was nearly run down.  The car responsible hit a tree right after missing her and the driver and passenger were pronounced dead a the scene.  But according to the coroner, both victims had already been dead for over ten hours.  And they hadn't died as the result of a car crash, they'd been drowned.

Alex feels his powers stirring once more and since his lady was nearly killed, he cannot ignore them.  Soon he'll discover where the driver and passenger drowned.  It was in a large stream underneath an old stone bridge located on the Graham Estate.  The very place he is now acting as the realtor for.  But this is only the beginning.  Local legend has it that a White Lady haunts the bridge, looking for the infant she lost there over two hundred years ago.  Strangely enough, sixteen years ago a pregnant teenage girl vanished from the estate and was never found. Veronica knew the girl and has never stopped investigating her disappearance.

Soon more bodies appear, all victims of drowning, even in dry empty rooms.  In each case the water used is traced back to the stream beneath the bridge.  And Alex, who has the most access to the estate, is becoming the prime suspect.   

Now he must embrace the very powers he turned his back on so long ago to clear himself.  But in doing so, he'll find a much bigger mystery.  One that dates back hundreds of years to a time before the first white men stepped foot in the new world.  And this will bring him face to face with a being that is, and is not, of this world.